Android (Tablet/Phone) Resources


Some of our students using Android Tablets or Phones will need to access their school work from home will want supports for reading and writing. Android Devices have robust accessibility features built in as well as SFUSD is currently offering free downloads of Read and Write to expand the reading and writing capabilities of the Android Devices. Together, these tools offer key reading and writing tools such as: 

What are these programs? 

Read&Write for Android is an alternative keyboard for your Android tablet. It offers several friendly tools to help if you’re writing emails, creating documents or entering and editing any kind of text.  

Built in Features can be turned on in the settings menu to allow any digital text to be read out loud to the student 

Installation Instructions 

Read and Write for Android can be added to your android device through the google play store. 

1. Download the app using the following link Read and Write for Android App

2. When the app  is opened for the first time,  follow directions with the setup wizard and login using google and SFUSD credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.