What is TouchChat?

TouchChat is a full-featured communication application for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. It is designed for individuals with autism, Down syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person's ability to communicate. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive, so even young children can use it.

TouchChat is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It provides English, Spanish, and French options in one app. Additional languages can be purchased in the Upgrade Store.

TouchChat features a variety of customizable options, including:

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Webinar: Start Your Engines

Looking for help with getting started with your TouchChat app? This video will walk you through the basics of copying a vocabulary file, picking a voice, editing a button, backing up your vocabulary file, updating your app, and sharing some great online resources.


Handout for the webinar

Visual Guides

Touch Chat Find Word.pdf

Find a word

Touch Chat - Edit a button.pdf

Edit a word

Quick Reference


At a Glance





WordPower 60 Basic

WordPower60 Basic was designed with early language learners in mind, providing ample picture support and novel structures to facilitate expressive language development. Core vocabulary is embedded within category and activity pages, allowing easy generation of language from the main core page as well as within specific topic-based pages. Core words remain consistent in terms of placement and access, providing a natural bridge between core and fringe words. Early literacy is enhanced by providing pages designed to teach language and core through children’s books.

Home Implementation


Using an AAC device in the home


Sample home starter schedule

Animal Sounds in WordPower

Parent Handout Core Vocab.pdf

Core Vocabulary

Activities, PDF Books, and Icon Sequences for Specific Books (request access)

Low Tech

Lite-tech Communication Board Options - Saltillo Website (many vocabularies available)

Wordpower 60 Basic Flipbook.pdf

Alternative Option for Core/Fringe book

TouchChat lanyard 2019.pdf

Small core lanyard

Miscellaneous Visuals for Students, Families, and Staff

Icon for visual schedules


Getting to know you - Words to model




Do's and Don'ts