Teaching Resources

If you took the time to explore the different resources available you will notice that a lot of the key features between the different programs are the same. Features like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and predictive text are powerful and versatile tools to help your student with writing and reading. This page highlights some popular strategies that many of our students use when writing with these features. 

Text-to-Speech Strategies 

Speech-to-Text Strategies

 Predictive Text Strategies 

Teaching Strategies

Scheduling a Chat with an  Assistive Technologist 

An Assistive Technologist can help you figure out how to support a student's specific needs. 

Common issues we help with are students who need additional supports in order to read, write, or do math. Access issues due to limited mobility are also something we can help address. If in doubt, feel free to continue scheduling a meeting through this form as we would like to do our best to help you or connect you with someone who can. 

If you want to speak with an SFUSD Assistive Technologist please follow this link to Schedule a Meeting with an Assistive Technologist. 

This form is open to teachers, parents/guardians, students or anyone supporting an SFUSD student.