Laptop or Chromebook Resources


Some of our students using Windows/ Mac Laptops or Chromebooks to access their school work from home will want supports for reading and writing. SFUSD is currently offering free downloads of Google Read and Write. This tool offer key reading and writing tools such as: 

What are these programs? 

Google Read and Write is a Chrome Extensions that acts as a customizable reading and writing tool kit for our students.  Chrome Extensions allow you to add features to the Chrome Internet Browser so that they can be used anywhere. For instance, if you are reading an article and would like to add a dictionary feature then you can add one by downloading a chrome extension. 

Google Read and Write is a reading, writing, and study tools that your student can access anywhere on the web. You can the features by turning them on and off to create a custom reading and writing toolkits for your student. 

Text Help PDF Editor is a companion app/extension that allows your student to write on top of scanned or emailed pdf documents using the same reading and writing tools found in  Google Read and Write. 

Installation Instructions 

Google Read and Write should come already installed on your student's SFUSD Google Chrome Profiles.  It should appear as a puzzle piece icon to the right of your URL bar.   

To access Google Read and Write

Not all students will need Text Help PDF Reader. If you find your student needs digital to access materials such as scanned worksheets online then download the extension and app by doing the following: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We will be posting answers to frequently asked questions here. Stay tuned!