Tier Forms

Assistive Technology Process and Forms

Step 1). Chat with An AT Specialist. Sometimes seemingly difficult problems have simple solutions. We want to help you and your student as much as we can, as soon as we can and make sure that you're on the correct path before you start filling out any paperwork.

Step 2). Provide us additional information about your student. There are a lot of specifics that are easy to miss on the phone. This mostly multiple choice Google Form makes sure your AT Specialist has the information they need to help select the best tool for your student.

Step 3). Trial the tool in the classrooms for 30 days. During this time we "fine tune" the process, figure out what works and what doesn't, and adjust tools and strategies accordingly. Trainings will be scheduled as needed.

Step 4). Complete the Implentation Plan. Once we figure out what is working, we want to write it down. The Implementation Plan is a 2 page template to do that.

Click here to view a sample completed Implementation Plan.

Step 5). Complete the AT Trial Summary. This is a short Google Form that summarizes for the IEP what resulted from the trial. It also automatically generates an AT Report that can be presented at the IEP meeting. Your AT specialist will look it over and send you the completed AT Report once you've completed this.

Step 6). Hold an IEP and Present the Report. If the parents sign off on the amendment email the signature page to your AT Specialist. They will order any AT that needs to be ordered and you will be emailed when it's ready to be picked up.

Augmentative Alternative Communication ​(AAC) Forms

AAC Report (Tier Summary) - Report form for SLPs to initiate a device trial, document the trial, and recommend a communication system or device for a student.

AAC Support Request Form - For SLP's who need help from an AAC Support Team member. Use this form to request support for:

  • initiating the AAC trial process or determining AAC needs
  • creating low tech communication systems or supports
  • developing a student's current communication system (programming, modifying, backing up, etc).
  • training for SLP and/or the IEP team on a specific device
  • developing IEP goals
  • documenting services or AAC tools/systems in the IEP
  • ordering a FAPE device for the first time

Frequently Used Forms - RSPs can process requests by filling up forms found in this link.

  • Lending Library Requests
  • AAC Material Requests,
  • LI/AT/AAC Equipment Requests (also used for replacements)
  • Lost/Stolen/Broken forms